Crystal clear blue-green waters and sandy beaches with colorful pebbles among the green foliage of pine trees, olives and various shrubs make up a small paradise at the Ionian coast.


Kryoneri beach, is situated in the town of Parga and is its central beach. Kryoneri is a small, clean, half sandy and half pebbly beach with deep water. This beach hugs tightly the main street of the town where there is a brilliant selection of shops, such as cafes, restaurants, bars, gift shops, jewellery shops and gives visitors the impression, that Parga is more like an island than a seaside resort.
The main attraction of Kryoneri beach is the white walled church in the little island of Virgin Mary, which is a special ornament of natural beauty in the middle of the Ionian Sea. Kryoneri beach is a few meters distance from the centre of Parga and this is its main advantage.

Piso Krioneri

A small bay with pebbles on the beach, Krioneri is an ideal location for fishing and quiet moments. This picturesque beach invites the visitor to explore every little cavity and rock, awakening the primordial survival instinct.


The visitor will surely be amazed at Valtos beach. Out of the narrow streets, a wide semicircular bay with thin golden sand overlooking the deep blue comes suddenly into view. The beach suitable for everyone, families, couples, individuals, etc.It is next to Parga can be reached by boat either on foot or by car just note that you can enjoy all kinds of water sports. Here you can enjoy a carefree moment sunbathing, playing on the beach or drinking something refreshing, relieved from everyday anxiety.


Before Parga is a beautiful beach where you can do water sports and all the good of civilization. There are cafes, restaurants etc. The beach can be accessed by boat and car. Beautiful water and sand for the most part. It is suitable for everyone.

Agios Giannakis

6 km from Parga. The beach is one of the nicest and cleanest beaches. Suitable for everyone.


12 km from Parga after Agia village, you can go by boat from Parga. Suitable for all families, couples etc. A small section of the beach is covered with pebbles. Parking available. There are restaurants and cafes, with good food.

Agios Sostis

1km south of Sarakiniko. There are no restaurants, cafes, watersports, drinking water etc. You can discover the unspoiled nature. If you are a holder of jip and you like drive narrow and abnormal roads, you can visit the beach of Agios Sostis by road. Οtherwise, the beach can be accessed by boat.